What is the AI Development Programme

Companies that will succeed in a globalising world are those that can keep up with the rapid development of technology. The winners will be those who can quickly automate the largest possible part of their production and digitalise the largest part of their processes. The top priority today is introducing artificial intelligence, whether into production or into providing services.

The Tehnopol AI Development Programme is designed to help Estonian businesses introduce artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, making them more competitive and keeping the Estonian economy sustainably successful in the future. We do this by launching and funding pilot projects based on AI, organising development marathons, running an accelerator with a six-month development cycle, and sharing all of the knowledge gained during the programme with other businesses.

The AI Development Programme is working closely with AIRE, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Estonia hub. The aim of bringing together the two independent organisations is to make Estonian manufacturing companies and the whole economy more competitive by supporting the introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics solutions.

The AI Development Programme has been created jointly with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to introduce artificial intelligence technologies into Estonia.


During the entire development program, companies are supported with up to 2 000 000 euros over two years.

The programme is designed for:

  • RDIE Focus Areas (Research, Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship) such as data-intensive educational, greentech, healthtech and manufacturing companies. We look for companies that are exposed to large amounts of data that could be analyzed by AI when offering their product or service. We will involce at least 25 companies in the program to create new solutions, and we finance at least 8-12 projects with up to 75,000 euros.
  • Startup and spin-off companies and university research teams who are interested in creating AI solutions to meet the needs of manufacturing companies and data-intensive companies. The bootcamp will involve at least 25 different teams working to solve challenges, and they will also get some of the funded projects. At least ten smart solutions will also be given the chance to develop their products in the AI accelerator.

Important dates:

March 23-24 2023 – AI bootcamp oriented towards industrial companies; pilot projects are chosen who will receive funding
April 2023 – pre-seminar for AI accelerator program
April 2023 – starts the first 6-month AI accelerator program
Summer 2023 – AI idea day
September 7-8 2023 – the AI ​​workshop which is open to all companies that want to develop an AI-based product/service; industrial companies who have innovated their processes are also welcome; funding decisions for pilot projects are announced
October 2023 – starts the second 6-month AI accelerator program

Loe rohkem

AI bootcamp

The AI bootcamp held in March 2023 gave funding to eight companies and a total of 257,950 euros is being invested in pilot projects.
Read more about it HERE.

The next AI bootcamp takes place in September 2023. More detailed information coming in the near future!

Leave your details in the registration form or write anu.puusaag@tehnopol.ee in case you need more information.

The artificial intelligence development marathon/bootcamp is designed to support the ambitions of businesses to introduce AI solutions. To do this we are running two AI bootcamps.

The AI bootcamp will bring businesses with AI needs and challenges together with those who can provide the solutions for them. We will organise a two-day workshop for them to create a joint pilot project that will outline the technical solutions, prove the commercial value of the new solution, and put together the entire project plan. Participants in the AI bootcamp will be supported throughout by mentors and trainers.

Participation in the development marathon is free.

The bootcamp is in hybrid format – come and join us in person or via video stream.

In the March 2023 bootcamp projects are funded with around 250 000€!

The AI bootcamp is open to companies posing challenges whose production, client management, product development or other processes could be made more efficient and sustainable with artificial intelligence solutions.

The AI bootcamp welcomes solution providers who are startups or established businesses, researchers, specialists or students – or indeed anyone who is willing and able to put themselves to the test in developing and creating artificial intelligence.

We held two bootcamps in 2022, read more about it HERE and HERE.

What's going on?

Next two-day AI bootcamp will be held on March 23 and 24 in Mektory (Raja 15, 12616 Tallinn).


23th of March, Mektory:

09:00 – 9:15 coffee and gathering
9:15 – 10:15 Introduction, expectations for the AI bootcamp
Introducing how the AI solutions will be validated
Short introductions of companies who need AI solutions: needs and expectations for AI
Short introductions of companies who offer AI solutions.
Introductions of mentors
10:15 – 12:00 Teamwork: Creating a project plan for implementing AI
Mentors helping the teams
12:00 – 13:30 lunch
13:00 – 17:30 Teamwork continues with the help of mentors
15:00 – 15:30 coffee break
15:30 – 15:45 Presentation training: Helen Kokk
17:30 official end of the day,  teams who wish can continue working

23th of March at 00:00: deadline for submitting projects to the expert panel.

24th of March, Mektory:
10:00 – 10:30 coffee and gathering
10:30 – 10:45 introduction of the day, introducing expert panel members
10:45 – 12:15 presentations of AI projects: ~ 7 min presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A
12:15 – 13:00 lunch
13:00 – 14:15 AI presentations of AI projects continues
14:15 – 15:15 Expert panel making their decisions
If possible, interim presentations for the participants
15:15 – 16:00 summary of AI bootcamp
Expert panel feedback to the teams and announcement of the winners
16:00 ending the bootcamp

You can take part in the development marathon in person or online.

The main focus of the event is on creating artificial intelligence solutions through teamwork.

The first day of the bootcamp focuses on AI-based project planning: what problem will AI solve, what is the technical solution, what is the impact of the solution on the company, what is the project schedule, budget and team.

The second day of the bootcamp focuses on a short presentation of the project plan to an expert panel and the selection of pilot projects.

All companies that register for the bootcamp also undergo a quick AI-based assessment to make sure that it is an AI solution.

The expert panel will give feedback to all the development teams participating in the event, and advice on how to improve their pilot projects. At the end of the bootcamp the expert panel will choose the projects that will receive funding to carry out their pilot projects.

The expert panel includes representatives from edutech, greentech, healthtech and industry, as well as professional associations, universities and science parks.

A total of € 250 000 will be distributed for the implementation of pilot projects!

Participating in the artificial intelligence bootcamp is a requirement for setting up a pilot project and receiving funding of 15 000 –  75 000 euros.

Time to carry out the projects is 6 months (with exceptions up to 8 months).

Pilot project funding

Data-intensive, early-phase ideas based on artificial intelligence need capital to enter the market. Without that capital, those ideas will remain in the laboratory or as hobbies for the development teams.

The pilot project round brings funding, support and advice from mentors, and acceleration for the pilot projects that have been through the development marathon and been selected by the expert panel. This step helps artificial intelligence solutions become market-ready and attract additional private capital!

To recieve funding, all the pilot projects will be evaluated in 5 different categories:

  • Complexity and uniqueness of the pilot project
  • General impact of the implemented project
  • KPI’s, timeline and budget
  • Team.

A total of approximately 250 000 euros will be distributed in the March bootcamp to implement the pilot projects!
During the entire development program, companies are supported with up to €2 000 000 over two years.
Funding for pilot projects is classified as de minimis aid.


The pilot project round is for:

  • Teams that have taken part in the Tehnopol AI development marathon and whose project plans and operating schedules have been voted worth funding by the expert panel;
  • Pilot projects that have been technically and commercially validated, that are feasible, and that could demonstrate a return on investment;
  • Teams that are ready to launch their project as they have access to the data they need and are prepared to put in the time needed;
  • Teams that are ready to consider their pilot project as a research and development activity and that are ready to publish a description of a methodology of the pilot;
  • Teams that are ready to put up at least 30% of the funding themselves.

The Tehnopol AI development programme supports the launch and research work of 25 projects over two years. The projects are selected by the expert panel of the development marathon.

The amount of investment depends on the plans submitted by the team and on their capital needs, and can range from 15,000 to 75,000 euros. The decision on the amount of funding is also taken by the expert panel. The eligible costs are labour costs, the costs of bringing in external experts, research work that is bought in, and technical hardware and software tools.

A contract is signed with the legal entity representing the team or company receiving the pilot project funding, and it regulates the implementation of the project receiving the funding, the use and commercialisation of intellectual property, and the financial reporting obligations. Tehnopol supports the pilot projects in achieving their goals through mentoring and the Startup Incubator AI accelerator from the first project round.

The time for implementing the pilot projects is 6 months (with exceptions up to 8 months). At the end of that time, the results of the project are submitted to the expert panel and, to the extent agreed, are released to the public through the Tehnopol channels.

AI Accelerator

Next AI accelerator is coming in April 2023.

More information and registration HERE.

The Tehnopol Startup Incubator AI accelerator helps bring to the market new and strong technology companies working with artificial intelligence, whose solutions can take the production, processes or products of small and medium-sized businesses to a new level.

The AI technology accelerator is open to startup companies and spin-off teams from established companies, and to teams of researchers and students whose ideas and solutions use artificial intelligence and are aimed at industrial or data-intensive companies.


The AI accelerator programme of the Startup Incubator helps:

  • AI technology companies to grow strong under the guidance of experienced mentors using a training programme;
  • Bring together participants in the artificial intelligence ecosystem and experts;
  • Ideas based on AI reach the pilot phase faster and with less testing;
  • Make contacts who can help bring in additional capital.

More of AI accelerator program

To enter the programme:

  • The team must have the skills needed and be able to develop the idea proposed into a pilot during the accelerator programme;
  • The business ideas must suit not only the needs of one individual company, and must be possible to scale up in foreign markets as well;
  • The team must be ready to commit the time needed to reach the minimum level of pilot readiness by the end of the accelerator programme.
  • It would be good to have an agreement to pilot the idea with at least one potential client or partner.

The following development cycles will be completed during the programme:

  • Defining the problems of clients and designing the value proposition;
  • Putting together a business model and a strong team;
  • Creating product development and prototypes based on AI technology;
  • Protecting intellectual property and agreements about it with other parties;
  • Being ready for investors and finding sources of funding;
  • Validating client cases, piloting, and setting a strategy for market entry.


A specialist training series focused on AI together with mentors and experts who are among the best in the business will help participants complete the development cycle, and the mentors will work each week with the teams. The teams participating in the accelerator programme can use the physical working space of the Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

The AI accelerator will run after the development marathon and will offer teams taking part in it immediate support in growing into strong startups developing AI technology. It is not required to take part in the development marathon to access the AI accelerator, but the winning teams in the development marathon are guaranteed direct entry into the accelerator.

The last Tehnopol Startup Incubator AI accelerator started at the end of March 2022. You can read about the participating companies here!

The Tehnopol AI development
programme will run during 2022.

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Development marathon I

Selection of pilot projects for funding

Round 1 for pilot projects

Results of round 1 for pilot projects

Startup incubator AI accelerator

Development marathon II

Selection of pilot projects for funding II

Round 2 for pilot projects

Results of round 2 for pilot projects

Publication of the results of the pilot projects


Martin Goroško

Head of the programme, member of the expert panel, head of validation for the development marathon, mentor

Anu Puusaag

Project manager of the AI development programme

Kadri Tammai

Head of the Startup Incubator AI accelerator, member of the expert panel, mentor

Heleri Holm

Project manager for the Startup Incubator AI accelerator

Brait Pilvik

Marketing project manager

Maarit Jalakas

Technical project manager of the AI development programme

Helen Tammo

Technical project manager of the AI bootcamp

Kristi Jõeäär

Marketing & communication

Pirko Konsa


Aleksander Gansen


Tähve Lõpp


Marko Saviauk


Otto Mättas


Martin Goroško


Kaarel Moppel


Tiit Sepp


Aleksandr Miina

AI Business and Technical Solution Evaluator

Lauri Antalainen

AI Business and Technical Solution Evaluator

Roger Allas

AI Business and Technical Solution Evaluator

Yrjö Ojasaar

Expert Panel Member

Expert Panel Member

Ott Velsberg

Expert Panel Member

Andrus Aaslaid

Expert Panel Member

For further information or with any other questions please contact us!

For further information or with any other questions please contact us!

Anu Puusaag